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Flash ESP8266

Video Tutorial


  1. Open esp_duck/esp_duck.ino with the Arduino IDE
  2. Under Tools > Board in the WiFi Duck ESP8266 section, select your board. For example NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E Module).
  3. Connect the ESP8266 board via USB and select its port under Tools > Port
  4. Press Upload

After the first installation, the ESP8266 has to format its memory. So it might take a minute until it's fully operational.


If you want to update the ESP8266 WiFi Duck, you can do that over the air!
Connect to the wifiduck network (the default password is wifiduck). Then in Arduino at Tools > Port, you should now see a network port. Select it and press Upload.

LED Colors

  • Blue LED = Connection working
  • Green LED = Device ready