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Terminal Commands


The command-line interface or CLI is accessible using a serial connection to the ESP8266 (115200 baud, Newline ending) or via the web interface at


helpReturns all available commandshelp
ramReturns available memory in bytesram
versionReturns version numberversion
settingsReturns list of settingssettings
set -n/ame <value> -v/alue <value>Sets value of a specific settingset ssid "why fight duck"
resetResets all settings to their default valuesreset
statusReturns status of i2c connection with Atmega32u4status
run <...>Starts executing a Ducky scriptrun example.txt
stop <...>Stops executing a Ducky scriptstop example.txt

SPIFFS File Management

memReturns available, used and free memory of SPIFFS in bytesmem
formatFormats SPIFFSformat
ls <...>Returns list of filesls /
create <...>Creates filecreate
remove <...>Deletes fileremove
cat <...>Returns content of filecat
rename -fileA,a <value> -fileB,b <value>Renames filerename example.txt
write -f/ile <value> -c/ontent <value>Writes (appends) data to filewrite example.txt "Hello World!"
stream <...>Opens file streamstream example.txt
closeCloses file streamclose
readRead and return the result from file streamread

If a stream is open, everything you type (except messages containing exactly close or read) will be written to the file until you type close!